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Gelato Legs Black

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Well if you haven't already got a pair of these gelato legs then shout yourself a pair.. I personally have almost 30 pairs, yes i know what your thinking i'm nuts but honestly i have one pair of jeans ( which i don't really wear ) and everything else i'm taking a trip down gelato lane.. 6 - 20 i know woo hoo pants for almost all sizes as we are exclusive to having sizes 18 - 20 as we understand our customer needs.. 


6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,16,18 - 20 now please keep in mind they look small but they stretch so your normal size would be your fit. if they are tight when you first put them on also keep in mind they have a little stretch and are high waisted jeans in them so if you can do them up by the third wear you'll be laughing..