Cooling Products

Needing to find a way to keep cool or help out with symptoms of menopause?? Beat the heat with this great collection of cooling products

Cooling Snakes - a great thing to put in the fridge and use for the gardening, holidays, sports, menopause, golf, e.t.c

Cooling Hats - Come with a cooling pack that you wet and goes in the fridge to help on those extra hot days. You can also wet your hat and shake it.. The more you shake it the cooler it gets and helps keep the sun off your face at the same time.

Cool Cloths - Great for travelling as these don't need to be kept in the fridge you can keep them handy at all times and wet them wring them and shake them again the more you shake them the cooler they get.. what a great invention..

Cool Sleeves - Another great invention are these sleeve that are great for working outdoors and keeping cool. Great for fishing, golf and other outdoor activities you wont want to not have a pair of these this summer.

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